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Tru Fragrance: Products & Services

Shop Tru Fragrance for all of your perfume and cologne needs! Whether you are shopping for yourself or a gift for others, Tru Fragrance has all you need for the perfect fragrance purchase. Shop Tru Fragrance in several categories, including fragrance and cosmetics: 



Tru Fragrance: Company Background

In the 1960’s, Bernie Dworin recognized a need for a collection of fragrance brands, each that spoke to a distinct demographic group and stood out from the crowd. Tru Fragrance "carries on Bernie’s mission," delivering amazing fragrance and care products to customers around the world. Tru Fragrance specializes in the creation, merchandising and distribution of fragrances, cosmetics, and other beaty supplies! Every product Tru Fragrance brings to market has the Tru Fragrance trend-right, creative stamp – for Tru Fragrance's own managed brands, private brand customers, or Tru Fragrance's licensed brands.

Tru Fragrance: Customer Feedback & Reviews

This customer feedback was found at

  • "I absolutely love this packaging! The top of the bottle is a pair of feathery wings (makes me think of Voltaire’s song Feathery Wings), outstretched for flight. The glass of the bottle itself is a violet-pink color that fades to black." Read the FULL PHYRRA REVIEW"
  • As fragrances are subjective to personal taste as well as personal body chemistry I feel I should point out that I tend to love scents with raspberries and vanilla. These notes always smell good to me and on me. My favorite notes are raspberry, cherry, blueberry, pineapple, plum, currant, clementine, hyacinth, frangipani, black violet, vanilla orchid, water lily, creamy coconut, vanilla, amber, caramel, and sandalwood." Read the FULL PHYRRA REVIEW
Tru Fragrance: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness
  • Tru Fragrance has not yet been rated on the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This simply means that no customers have filed a complaint about Tru Fragrance on the Better Business Bureu website. Tru Fragrance has also not sought BBB accreditation. 
  •  See a full Tru Fragrance credability review on
Tru Fragrance: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

The Google PageRank PR Checker has recently given Tru Fragrance an overall website popularity rating of 3 (out of a possible 10 points).

Alexa has counted a popularity traffic rating of 1,217,277. Alexa has counted that the Tru Fragrance website hs been linked 46 times across the web. Alexa currently has not collected any data on a QCI rating or popularity query for Tru Fragrance.

Tru Fragrance: Social Media Presence

You can find Tru Fragrance on several social media websites. You can connect socially with Tru Fragrance by these simple methods:

Tru Fragrance: Website Security & Safety
  • Tru Fragrance respects the confidentiality and  privacy of every customer. Tru Fragrancetakes great care to safeguard all of the information in their possession. Tru Fragrance uses the latest in software security to protect personal information, a Secure Socket Layer (SSL). An SSL will encrypt all information entered in and keep it from traveling outside of the respective website.
  • Tru Fragrance takes seriously the protection and proper use of every customer's personal information entered on the Tru Fragrance website.
  • Tru Fragrance does not rent, share, or sell customer information (including e-mail addresses). 
Tru Fragrance: Pricing & Packages

Here are some priceing examples found at Tru Fragrance compared to the same or similiar products found on other websites:

Tru Fragrance: Shipping Rates & Policies
  • All Tru Fragrance productsp purchased on the Tru Fragrance website are sent out via ground shipping. The majority of shipments are handled by UPS while some are FedEx. The shipping provider is chosen based on the particular shipping address. If you have special shipping requests, please let Tru Fragrance know before placing your order.
  • Tru Fragrance does not currently offer expodited shipping.
  • Products are shipped to anywhere in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.
  • Internattional shipping is not available at Tru Fragrance.
  • Most shipments arrive in 2-7 business days, depending on the proximity of the shipping address to the Tru Fragrance distribution center (near Chicago, IL).
Tru Fragrance: Payment Methods Accepted

Tru Fragrance does not accept many forms of payment via their online checkout system. Tru Fragrance is currently accepting these four forms of payment on there secure checkout system:

  • Visa
  • Master Card
  • American Express
  • Discover Card

Tru Fragrance does not accepts these forms of payment:

  • QPass
  • EFT
  • BillMeLater
  • EbillMe
  • E-Check
  • PayPal
  • Debit Card
Tru Fragrance: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy
  • Tru Fragrance accepts all return requests no matter the circumstance. All returns must be shipped back to the return address included in the original packaging of your shipment. 
  • Tru Fragrance guarantees their products 100% and makes the entire return process extremely simple for their customers.
  • If you would like to enquire about a return, plese contact customer service at:
Tru Fragrance: Product images & screenshots
Tru Fragrance Coupons
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